What Are California’s Auto Insurance Coverage Minimums?

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Being involved in a vehicle collision is never a fun experience to endure, but the aftermath can sometimes be worse than the collision. This is because you have to deal with a lot following the accident, such as pain, missed time from work, medical expenses, mental anguish, and much more.

All these issues are what make auto wrecks one of life’s worst experiences. Add to all those issues the fact that you must deal with insurance claims in order to get compensated, and the vehicle crash process will make you want to never drive an automobile ever again.

This article contains some information on minimum insurance coverage amounts in California, as well as how to file a claim with your own insurer, or with the at-fault party’s.

California’s Minimum Coverage

Most states have a minimum coverage amount because they know that accidents cause damages. Your insurance should be able to cover most minor or even moderate crashes, even if you were to blame.

Your insurance should cover your property damage and any minor medical expenses you may have. Or if you were the one who caused the accident, your insurance should be able to pay for the damages of the person you injured.

The insurance laws in California require drivers to carry at least the following coverage:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage of $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident minimum
  • Property damage minimum of $5,000
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage of at least $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident

How to File a Claim With Your Own Insurer

If you were the person responsible for the accident, or if you were in a crash involving an uninsured or underinsured motorist, then you will have to file a claim with your own insurance company. You will need to provide the insurer some key information about the accident and your damages.

If you hurt someone else they may file a claim with your insurer to recoup their losses. When all is said and done your insurer will provide you with the money you need to pay for your property damage and other expenses. What do you do if you’re seriously injured, though, and you weren’t to blame?

Filing a Claim Against an At-Fault Driver

When someone else was responsible for your wreck you can request that their insurance company pay you for your losses. This is the process in an at-fault state like California. California requires the driver that caused the accident to pay for damages.

The only tricky part when you’re filing a case against someone else is that you will have to prove fault and provide the other insurance company your list of damages.

Need Help From an Auto Wreck Lawyer in California?

Filing insurance claims can get confusing, especially when you’re filing against the other driver’s insurance policy. Insurers don’t love paying out on claims so they may fight you on it and make your life post accident even more difficult. Contact a Sacramento car crash attorney to make this process go more smoothly for you.