Why Hiring A Boise Personal Injury Lawyer Is Prudent

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Over 3 million people get injured every year either at home, school, in their work and even outdoors. In most cases someone else is at fault due to their negligence, ignorance or premeditation. In such a case, the accident victim has a right to seek compensation for damages and losses suffered. Since nobody likes to pay damages through their nose, personal injury law exists to allow justice to prevail. Boise, Idaho, has several good attorneys who specialize in this specific branch of law. However, personal injury law is quite complicated and requires the services of a Boise personal injury lawyer.

Victims seeking compensation should immediately contact a good lawyer after an accident but before seeking compensation or accepting a settlement from an insurance company. This is because more often than not, insurance companies may try to offer a lower settlement amount than what the victim is entitled to. A competent personal injury attorney will be able to guide the victim through the complex legal process and increase their chances of receiving fair compensation.

With the help of a competent attorney, the whole process of filing a claim becomes straightforward. Many attorneys in Boise offer free initial consultation services. This allows victims to know whether they have a justified claim and whether or not to sue for damages.

The Process of Making a Claim

The first thing that a personal injury lawyer does immediately they are hired is to send a detailed claim letter to all parties that are concerned in the claim. This includes the person(s), business or insurance company that the victim holds accountable for the accident. The letter sets out all the details of the plaintiff’s injury as well as what happened. If the victim needs an expert’s opinion in order to support their claim, then their lawyer will suggest a few relevant specialists to choose from.

The defendant should reply within a set period. The defendant must say whether they deny or accept liability for the injury. If they accept liability, the lawyer will try to negotiate a fair settlement outside the courts.

Making an Offer

The personal injury lawyer should be able to tell their client what they believe their claim should be worth. In addition, they will inquire from their client how much compensation that they are willing to accept. If a good offer is made and the plaintiff accepts the amount, then the matter is quickly resolved out of court and payment is made. However, if the offer made is too low, then further negotiations will ensue. If no headway is made, then the case is taken to trial.

What to Take to the Lawyer

In order to establish the validity and strength of a case, the lawyer requires several details from their client:
The date that the accident occurred as well as how and when it happened.
The contact details of witnesses, if any.
All details of injuries suffered including medical diagnosis.
Proof of loss of earnings and any other financial expenses incurred as a direct result of injuries suffered.
Documents related to any relevant insurance policies that the plaintiff has. This is relevant because these policies may cover all or some of the legal costs that will be incurred in the claim.
Any other evidence that can be used to support the claim.

3 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for a Personal Injury Claim



Knowledge and Experience

The attorney is familiar with the whole legal process. They know what is required as well as the rules and procedures to follow in order to make a proper and timely claim that increases the chances of success. Good lawyers also have years of experience under their belt. This allows them to tell, what works in the legal system from what is counterproductive. They know how to file court documents, complete all legal forms and applicable statute of limitations. Any gap in the plaintiff’s legal knowledge (if they decide to represent themselves) could be exploited by the defendant and lead to a loss due to a legal technicality.


Contingency Basis

Most lawyers who specialize in personal injury law prefer to work on a contingency agreement. What this means is that they will receive their payment only if their client gets an insurance settlement. This leaves lawyers highly motivated to help their clients win their case in order to get paid. A lawyer’s fees are usually a predetermined percentage of the total settlement amount that a plaintiff gets after winning their claim.


A Lawyer Can Take the Claim to Trial

Statistics show that a majority of cases actually never reach trial. This is because they are settled out of court. Statistics show that insurance companies tend to lose cases before a jury. Thus, hiring a trial lawyer who is prepared to take the case to trial is a good idea. This is because it increases the chances of getting a good settlement offer.
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All accidents cause a lot of inconveniences to victims and their families. Therefore, when an accident is caused by the negligence or arrogance of others, it is important to seek compensation for all damages caused. It is also prudent to hire an experienced Boise personal injury lawyer to handle the case.

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